Monday, 4 November 2013

Flying Darts - Making, creating, experimenting & testing ....

Tuesday 5 November Room 3 went into the hall to make some paper darts.  We made our own design, followed instructions to make a variety of different designs and shared with buddies the best designs.  Some designs were suited to long flights, some more for loopy loops.

These are the things we decided were important after our testing, tweaking and modifying...
"The wings needs to be the same - symmetrical" Alex

"The angle of how you throw the dart is important" Michael M

"Throw gently" Te Atarau

"The Paper you use and how it is folded is important - can't be too heavy"  Stephen

" the wind strength can affect how the paper dart glides"  Robbie

"The more streamline the faster and further it travels" Michael H

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