Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Creative Writing

Here area some examples of our creative writing.  We are learning to paint a picture with words using imagery.  To create these images we are using interesting nouns and activating them with exciting verbs - making the nouns 'come alive'.  We also included adjectives and similes to say something is like another.  Some of us even used personification - when you give an object human characteristics. 
We had a fabulous kite day with our school and community, we hope you enjoy our poems and you get a real feeling for the day as if you were there...

Rebeka Writes:
My kite went so high it started to go crazy and do loopy de loops .  It felt like my kite was going to break.  Other kites were swooping and swirling around mine.

Stephen Writes:
I see kites talking to the trees in the breeze.

Kites getting confused and going off track.
Next minute...a ripped up pile of colourful plastic and string twisted together. 
I hear the laughter of the people below the hill, giggles and screams as their kites dive like magpies.

Kaden Writes:
Shyne's kite was huge and it felt like an eel was pulling on the string.  My kite was little compared to his and his almost touched the sky.  It looked like a pink eel swimming through the clouds.

Te Atarau Writes:
I wonder how people's kites went so high.  When I was on the hill I could see Shyne's pink squid flying, it still went higher and higher, almost touching the clouds with its tentacles.

Rebecca Writes:
I see trees blowing, water flowing, people moving, grass growing.  Kites are flying, people laughing, others helping. 
Feel the breeze, feel the string- kite pulling.  My kite was swooping down like an eagle.

Stephanie Writes:
Wind blowing in my hair whilst I fly my kite.  Feeling my kite tugging on the end like a desperate fish.
I hear hundreds of children having fun, sometimes whinging to parents "My kite is tangled!"
I heard the wind moaning louder and louder around the trees and then loads of laughter as kites reach out and tickle the sun.
The blue lake and the green grass waving, what a beautiful day for kites to play.

Michael H Writes:
I can see hands and kites twisting and turning, swirling and kite is eating the dust like an eagle digging for worms.

Alex Writes:
As we enter the domain I see the water glimmer and shimmer, kites begin to twirl and swirl.  I hope the wind stays steady. 

Sophie Writes:

As Olivia and I scramble up the fence we could feel our kites tugging on the line.  We stand tall on the fence, our kites making whistling sounds like they're whispering secrets in the breeze,  I feel like my kite would fly forever...

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