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Here are some examples of our sports themed poetry.  In the first stanza we describe the physical person and in the second stanza we describe the piece of equipment or in some cases the animal or track.  We were trying to hook the reader right into the action, building suspense.


Horse Jumping
I see the judge put the jump up
I say to my horse come on we can win it this time
Sit to the canter
My heart pumps hard as I grip onto the reins
Holding tight
Sitting up straight
Flick her belly
Come on Ash
We fly over clearing the pole

Her muscles pumping
Blood rushing through her veins
Checking our stride
The crowd is silent, waiting for us to jump
And then
          And then
                   And then
Right before the ROAR –UP
Front legs and back legs we’re over and in first place!

By Stephen 

The Big Fish
It’s nearly night time
I found a worm
Put it on my line
Cast my line out
Plant my rod
Rod wobbles it falls over I pick it up and whoa!
What a good bight
I’m wobbling in fear, hoping that it will bite again
My eye’s glazing at the water

Whoa! Look at that big trout
wonder if it’s going for my line?
My line wobbles.
And then
And then….
A big trout pulling and pulling.
I’m trying to wind in my rod
Whoa it went straight past me.
It’s getting closer and closer
I’m shivering in fear
Rod bending I hear my rod snapping under the strain
Look at that humongous trout
Hah I remember that trout.
I’ve seen him before!
Nylon cutting my finger  
There is nothing better than fishingJ

By Maddox

Winning Goal
It all depends on this young, proud boy
He feels the lush green grass beneath his feet
Standing tall in the centre of the silent crowd
The proud tall boy stares at the giant H in the distance
his strong heart beats before the whispering crowd
they wait patiently for the boy to prepare
The boy measures his steps
He jogs toward the ball.

The ball
Sent spinning, through the cold breezy wind it floats
Rotating as if in slow motion
And then
                  And then
                                    And then
Right before the ROAR-UP
It passes through the posts.

By Robbie 

Touch Down
The whistle blew
The ball was thrown across the front of the team
I see it swirling towards me
I grab it and look forward trying to find a gap
Legs moving fast shaking ….
We pass the ball backward from player to player
My dad’s the coach and he is yelling to the team
Fifth and final…

Do I make it?  I look to the ref…..
I am nervous and everyone is quiet…
The whistle blows!

By Hadley

High Jump

With the impatient wait of high jump to start
There is only one person in front of me that jumps and fly’s over on winged feet.
Now it’s my turn suddenly I feel strong as I run to the jump. The shy yet strong girl leaps. The pole seems to jump up at her she springs over just making it.
After all the effort she came fourth and she looks very very proud.

By Sophie 

Run till you win

Sitting waiting people hesitating
I wait till my turn & then we’ll do a burn
we get into place.
I’m in the back of the staggers
tummy swirling
I wait         
be calm  
everything’s quiet all I can hear is my heart beat
I sprint for my team my clothes flip flop in the wind
people cheer me on we go
 & go               & go
The wind blows in my face as I near finish
I see the finish line ahead
My lane narrows
People squeezing in beside me
I cross
I win

By Alex 

Sprint To The Finish

Heart,  beating like a drum
Nervously shaking body waiting for it to begin
It stared
I start heading down the end of the track
Sprinting and sprinting
Trying to get home first and take first place
My strong pumped legs going fast to push the limit
Chest tight
And then through the other boys I pound forward nudging in front

The track
Pushing up against my feet
As I stomp on the blades of grass
Chest wheezing
Going for gold  
The lane finish line is close
Crowed cheering
I cross …. 1st place
Feeling amazing

By Joshua 

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