Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Paper Making in Room 3

ROOM 3 have been learning about the 4 R's


We have visited the Rotorua Landfill and also the recycling center.  We have learned a lot about what we can do to help our community and environment.  We have also been looking at the processes involved in recycling and wanted to try it out ourselves.

Over the last 2 days our class has begun to make some paper out of used paper. This is the process we followed:

1.  Rip up newspaper or old paper in to small pieces.

2. Soak it over night in a water bath.
Busy busy..pulping the soaked paper
Pouring the pulp into the seive

Sophie is placing the wet paper onto the bed sheet
3. Mulch the paper into a pulp (we used Miss Colemans old whizz!).

4. Add water to the pulp and stir it around.
5.  Pour the watery pulp into a sieve and then use a sponge to soak up all the extra liquid.

6. Place paper carefully onto an old bed sheet and leave to dry on a flat surface with extra newspaper packed on top to soak up the liquid.
The final product

Once your paper is dry you can create writing paper, cards, book marks, shapes and much more.  You can experiment with dye and also adding natural items like lavender, onion skins, leaves and herbs.  This will add colour, smell and different textures.

Monday, 9 September 2013

BOY By Roald Dahl

These QUICK writes by Room 3 are      inspired by the Biography called                   BOY by Roald Dahl. 
When Roald Dahl and his friends were school boys they had a favourite sweet shop and one day decided to play a prank on the sweet shop owner Mrs Pratchett. 

Room 3 had to imagine they were in the group of friends and had to describe what they HEARD, SAW, FELT and WONDERED.

Read these fun pieces of writing and see if they meet the criteria...do they include these words (heard, felt, saw and wondered) and have they painted a picture with words, hooking you into the scene?

I heard Mrs Pratchett open the jar of sherbet suckers…as she twisted the squeaky jar full of suckers for the customers waiting in line.  As my friend and I came into the shop I went a bit closer towards the crunchy gobstoppers.  I heard my friend ask Mrs Pratchett for a sucker.  I heard her feet walk across the crumbly, sugary floor and slowly open the squeaky jar.  I loved the look of the green glittery gobstoppers.  I saw Mrs Pratchett about to pick a crunchy sugary sherbet sucker…I dropped the dead grey mouse into the gobstopper jar.  I felt the squishy ugly mouse fall into the jar.  I wondered, just wondered how frightened Mrs Pratchett would be when she saw the ugly dead mouse in the jar!        

I heard my friend ordering his lollies, then Mrs Pratchett slowly twisting open the jar of sherbet suckers, ‘plonk’ into the paper bag they went.  “…and one bootlace please..” asked my friend.  Now was my chance!  I opened the jar of gobstoppers silently…I saw Mrs Pratchett put her greasy, brown fingers in the jar of bootlaces… I quickly dropped the dead mouse into the jar of gobstoppers.  I felt my heart thumping! I felt like I was going to explode!  As we ran out of the sweet shop I wondered when she would find out about the mouse and if she would know it was me!

I crept into the sweet shop, and snuck behind the counter.  As I began to open the lid of the gobstoppers my brother yelled out “I want a sherbet sucker please?!”  I heard Mrs Pratchett twisting open the lid and plop the sucker into a paper bag.  All the sugar was crumbling into the bag. I saw my brothers face was glowing red “Now get out of my shop!” Mrs Pratchet shouted to my friends “Because only one of you is buying!”.  As she handed over the bag I dropped the mouse into the gobstoppers. I left the shop quickly with my friends.  I felt my heart pumping faster like it was going to explode.  I wondered what would happen next…..

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Room 3 Graph of lunch waste on 1 day
On Tuesday of week 4 room 3 kept our lunch wrappers and other waste.  We sorted our waste into piles and displayed it in a graph.  The graph shows that the majority of rubbish in our lunch boxes was glad wrap.  There was 15 pieces of glad wrap, 11 bar wrappers, 9 food scraps, 4 plastic pottles, 2 chip packets, 1 tin and 1 terta pack.

Room 3 worked out that in a week we would roughly have 215 pieces of rubbish a week and in a school year our class wold produce approximately 8600 pieces of rubbish and this is only from room 3 – 22 students. We cannot re use or recycle most of this rubbish.
We cannot use most of this rubbish.  We have a scrap bin which feeds the teachers chickens and pigs but the rest goes in bags to the land fill.
Litter also can get blown out of the school bins and into the rivers and lakes and clogs up our gutters.  Pollution we see is called visual pollution.  It makes our school and community look messy and no one likes playing in a playground full of rubbish.
An Example of a litter free lunch
To help reduce how much rubbish and waste at our school we want kids to be taking litter less lunches to school.  We should all be using reusable containers instead of glad wrap that can only be used once and then gets thrown away. Also parents could buy things from the super market with the least amount of packaging or bake your own no there is no packaging.
This photo is an example of a litter less lunch, containers that can be used over and over again.
Hopefully you start having litter free lunches and we can all work together to reduce our waste.  If we all look after our own back door, we could make the community and Rotorua area a cleaner, tidier place to be.