Sunday, 8 September 2013


Room 3 Graph of lunch waste on 1 day
On Tuesday of week 4 room 3 kept our lunch wrappers and other waste.  We sorted our waste into piles and displayed it in a graph.  The graph shows that the majority of rubbish in our lunch boxes was glad wrap.  There was 15 pieces of glad wrap, 11 bar wrappers, 9 food scraps, 4 plastic pottles, 2 chip packets, 1 tin and 1 terta pack.

Room 3 worked out that in a week we would roughly have 215 pieces of rubbish a week and in a school year our class wold produce approximately 8600 pieces of rubbish and this is only from room 3 – 22 students. We cannot re use or recycle most of this rubbish.
We cannot use most of this rubbish.  We have a scrap bin which feeds the teachers chickens and pigs but the rest goes in bags to the land fill.
Litter also can get blown out of the school bins and into the rivers and lakes and clogs up our gutters.  Pollution we see is called visual pollution.  It makes our school and community look messy and no one likes playing in a playground full of rubbish.
An Example of a litter free lunch
To help reduce how much rubbish and waste at our school we want kids to be taking litter less lunches to school.  We should all be using reusable containers instead of glad wrap that can only be used once and then gets thrown away. Also parents could buy things from the super market with the least amount of packaging or bake your own no there is no packaging.
This photo is an example of a litter less lunch, containers that can be used over and over again.
Hopefully you start having litter free lunches and we can all work together to reduce our waste.  If we all look after our own back door, we could make the community and Rotorua area a cleaner, tidier place to be.                                     

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