Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Paper Making in Room 3

ROOM 3 have been learning about the 4 R's


We have visited the Rotorua Landfill and also the recycling center.  We have learned a lot about what we can do to help our community and environment.  We have also been looking at the processes involved in recycling and wanted to try it out ourselves.

Over the last 2 days our class has begun to make some paper out of used paper. This is the process we followed:

1.  Rip up newspaper or old paper in to small pieces.

2. Soak it over night in a water bath.
Busy busy..pulping the soaked paper
Pouring the pulp into the seive

Sophie is placing the wet paper onto the bed sheet
3. Mulch the paper into a pulp (we used Miss Colemans old whizz!).

4. Add water to the pulp and stir it around.
5.  Pour the watery pulp into a sieve and then use a sponge to soak up all the extra liquid.

6. Place paper carefully onto an old bed sheet and leave to dry on a flat surface with extra newspaper packed on top to soak up the liquid.
The final product

Once your paper is dry you can create writing paper, cards, book marks, shapes and much more.  You can experiment with dye and also adding natural items like lavender, onion skins, leaves and herbs.  This will add colour, smell and different textures.

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