Tuesday, 20 May 2014

In term 1 we learned how to draw self portraits. First we drew our head and then had to divide our face into segments, making sure our facial features were in the correct spot.  We practiced sketching, drawing with crayon and finally our good copies were completed using paint and pastel.  

Truck Safety Talks

In Week 2, Term 2, Lake Rerewhakaaitu School took part in a Truck Safety Talk.  We learnt about truck blind spots...if you cant see the driver he cant see you.  Never stand too close to the road as a moving trucks air can pull you under.  Trucks travel fast and have heavy loads so they take a lot longer to stop.
We got to count the logs, wheels..this truck had 32 wheels!  We got to climb up and into the cab to have a look at the controls and honk the horn!
We learned that a tree has age rings..most of these trees on this truck were 25 years old.