Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lake Rerewhakaaitu School Pet Day POETRY

Feeling nervous
Stomach swirling, head turning, knees knocking
Fingers fidgeting as I try to untie Mystics lead and load her into the trailer.

Face is white but Mystics fine
Our turn next, wish I could run to the back of the line.
Heart racing...its our turn Oh My Gosh its done and I came 4th. 

Its calling time I look at the audience I see            Mum and Dad
I hear the judge call out "Number 31". 
 Heart pounding in my chest, I feel Mystics soft hair under my shaky hands
We head towards the standard and turn Mystic waits patiently...
I call and she comes...slowly wondering where her bottle is.

Its time to go, Mystic is loaded and ready to 
head home.
In my hand is a green shiny ribbon blowing in the breeze
Thanks Mystic you've been a great pet and we've had a great day.

By Sophie

Mystic and Sophie

Feeling nervous as we stand and wait to be called into the ring.
Lucy and I start to walk towards the first mark slowly but surely.
I ignore the crowd and guide her around the standard
I'm almost finished ..there.. out of the the ring.
A yellow ribbon for Lucy.

By Hadley

Lucy and Hadley

Our legs shaking as we enter the lamb ring. 
"Come on Saphhire you can do it" I whisper down to my lamb
I feel her fluffy wool coat brush past my leg as we head for 
the first standard.
Sapphire leads beautifully as we head for the last standard.
I feel excited as we make our way to the finish.
To my surprise we win a second place...a shiny blue ribbon tied around her belly.

By Riley

Sapphire and Riley

Stomach Swirling, knees knocking, I cant believe its 
pet day this morning.
My School is waiting for the first person and per to arrive.
Everything we've trained for is buzzing through my mind as I'm waiting at the back of the line. 

By Lexi

Lexi and Citara

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