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Term 2 - 2014
Room 3 have been learning how to write persuasively.
Introduction, Middle (elaborating ideas) Conclusion
Using persuasive language 
Using rhetorical questions
Link our paragraphs with words like firstly, secondly
Convince someone or group of people to do something or change their opinion

Some examples of our work are published below.  Our task was to convince or persuade tourists to visit Lake Rerewhakaaitu.

Your Dream Holiday
If you want to see the real paradise all you need to do is turn left at Rainbow Mountain and drive about 8 km and then the real adventure begins ….there is a lot of friendly people around I promise it will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen there are some very cool lakes it is like a tropical island we will even bring you your dinner while you are bathing on the shore of the lake then this will be your best holiday ever. It will be like a dream come true.
When you arrive you may see lots of warm steam floating up and away…you have reached an active thermal area.  Did you know the Rotorua area is the thinnest part of the earths crust?
The mighty Mount Tarawera which is a dormant volcano stands behind lake rerewhakaaitu. The volcano has been asleep for over 130 years.  You can organise a tour up the mountain and even run down into the scoria crater and explore along the ridges of the mighty volcano. 
Did you know there is even 1 of the 8 wonders of the world ..hidden under Lake Rotomahana ..the famous Pink and White terraces. There are many thrermal parks you could visit like Waiopatu Wonderland and Waimangu.
A good thing for a family to do is visit the hot and cold butchers pool they are all natural heated pools in the bush.  Or if you want there is the beautiful Waikete Hotpools in the area to visit too.
Lake Rerewhakaaitu has a wonderful community.  Drive through our quiet village and you will see our beautiful school where there are about 80 kids in the whole entire school.  We have a Playcentre for under fives with a great playground and cool activities.  We have Rerewakaaitu Domain which is a mini sports events centre with inside courts, tennis courts and a rugby field.  All our special events like the annual possum punishments, cross countires and communities are held there.  There are a heap of cool clubs like girl guides  pony club and motorcross.

The hunting and fishing here is perfect so if you are that sort of person I would be on the way to my house.. I will give you some guns and a knife and I will take you to my secret spot I can assure you we will catch something.  Our Lake is full for rainbow and brown trout waiting for you to catch.  The forests are full of pigs, deer, possums and rabbits.  If you visit us in June you could be part of our possum punishment team.  We hunt for possums, hares, wallabies and rabbits.  The winning team can win lots of prizes and the school raise money from the possum fur.
Lake Rerewhakaaitu is the real paradise of New Zealand…check our hunting spots and  the history and the thermal areas……………
I can not wait to see you here I will have the pan out ready for sizzling with bacon and eggs as you sit back on a deck chair looking at the sparkling crystal clear lake watching for jumping trout.
Your order and this fantastic offer must end July 25th so get your bags packed.
I cant wait to meet you!

By Stephen Robinson

Lake Rerewhakaaitu

I strongly believe that the tourists from overseas should come to Rerewhakaaitu. When you arrive at Rainbow Mountain you turn left and you will see  lovely warm steam lifting to the sky.
Waikete hot pools is one of the most lovely places.  You can relax in the warm water. Hot and cold is one of the most beautiful place you will ever see it’s cold on one side and hot on the other side it is nice relaxing place to swim in the stream surrounded by bush.
This used to be the home of the famous Pink and White Terraces.  The terraces were formed by geothermally  heated water containing large amounts of silicic acid and sodium chloride from two large geysers were a part of a group of 40 geysers in the nearby area the pink and white terraces were 800 metres apart the white terraces were at the north end of Lake Rotomahana  and  faced  away  from  the  lake  at  the entrance to the  Kaiwaka  Stream. Sadly they were destroyed by Mount Tarawera Eruption in 1886.  But you could visit Waimangu Thermal park and cruise the lake that now covers them.
When  you  come  to  Rerewhakaaitu  and  you  look  in  the  lake and  it  is  crystal  clear  you  can  see  right  through it. You could have a swim or try fishing.  People can go skiing or kayaking too.
The people are friendly they are kind and nice. We will teach you  all  things  you  have  been  wanting  to  do  there  are  friendly  children  they  will  take  you  for  camps  while  you .are  on  the  lake  we  will  bring  you  tropical  island salad and a pineapple fizzy while you camp at one of the beautiful camping sport                  beside the lake.
There are girl guide clubs and best of all pony clubs in Rerewhakaaitu.  You can learn to ride ponies  and learn to do jumps and you can canter and trot and also you can do things with their mane.
There are a lot of Animals in Rerewhakaaitu you can shoot them. Did you know you can go hunting for possums, pigs, and deer. There are friendly animals you will not believe your eyes all the animals you can get cows, calves, horses, foals, sheep, lamb, birds, deer, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits.
You can go hunting for big huge meaty deer with huge antlers. You can get pigs with big huge smooth sharp white tusks you can get birds with huge big feathers and also you can get big possums with bushy tails and you can get rabbits and hares.

Come to our BEAUTIFUL place Lake Rerewhakaaitu.

By Paradise Khan

Lake Rerewhakaitu ...     Paradise in the Bay Of Plenty
A short trip from Rotorua …hidden 8 kilometres from Rainbow Mountain you will find paradise in the Bay Of Plenty…Lake Rerewhakaaitu.
I’m going to tell you about the volcanic area. First I’m going to tell you about the pink and white terraces. In the olden days people used to pay 1 dollar to have a swim in the beautiful pink and white terraces . On June 10  1886 mount Tarawera 24 kilometres southeast of rotorua. Erupted with a terrible force 153 people officially lay dead. Much of Bay of Plenty was  covered   in hot mud, lava and ash! Mount Tarawerea last erupted June 10 1886.  It is a dormant volcano.  You can take a tour of Mount Tarawera and even explore the inside of the crater!

In Rerewhakaaitu there is the friendliest community in the world… they can open new places and they can make new play grounds.   When you visit Rerewhakaaitu you can visit our awesome community. You might even get invited to our home for one of my mums delicious homemade meals and desert!  Some more about the community first about our awesome school….There’s 4 awesome teachers and were all nice kids. Across the road there’s playcentre all the kids there are 4 or under you start school when you are 5.  Not that far away is the Rerewhakaaitu Domain where you will find tennis courts, indoor badminton and rugby field all overlooking the lake.

 If you would like to try out camping and the outdoor life you have come to the right place. There are 3 camping spots to choose from Sandy Bay, The DOC camp and Roe Reserve.  You will wake up with a view of Lake Rerewhakaaitu and be able to explore walking tracks, take a swim or kayak around the lake.  You could try trout fishing or fish for big eels too.
When you make your travel plans for your next holiday make sure Lake Rerewhakaaitu is at the top of your list because it is paradise in the Bay Of Plenty.

By Kimberlee Cruse

lake rerewhakaaitu

If you want to come to Lake Rerewhakaaitu from Rainbow Mountain keep on driving an till you find the Sign Saying Lake Rerewhakaaitu. then that’s where the adventure begins. You can go to the lake and swim and I will bring you a boat to sleep on. And bring you dinner and breakfast and of course lunch. Maybe fish or chicken if you like Indian curry  you have to come to the right place my mums the best. There is a volcano called Mount Tarawera. But it’s ok it has been asleep for 130 years. you can also go into it. Maybe I will come with you just to be safe. when you driving you will see the farmers will be working hard even sweating. And the cows will be watching by and the sheep will run away. It will be a dream come true. So remember to put Lake Rerewhakaaitu on the top of the list of places to visit.      

By Nisha Keshav 

Lake Rerewhakaaitu
 I strongly believe that you should come to Rerewhakaaitu because there are some very interesting places like the history. It’s only 30 minutes south Rotorua.

I’m sure some of you are interested in hot spot, well guess what there are some hot spots here at Rerewhakaaitu, and even hot pools like hot and cold if you go to hot and cold you might go in the hot part and get to hot then you can just jump into the cold part and what’s more that it’s FREE! There are also Waikete hot pools to go with your family.

Are any of you interested in history? Well there is some history in Rerewhakaaitu like the pink and white terraces and the war. Did you know that the pink and white terraces were 800 meters apart?

Oh and you can’t come without knowing about the community, we have special events that happen every now and then like the possum punishment and cross country and even pet day and lot’s more!!! We also have a school without a school no one will come to live with kids and we have a play centre too. There are some very helpful people and kind people. We even have clubs like Girl Guide, pony club and calf club.

I hope you come to this wonderful little quite village and visit some of these places oh and don’t forget to put Rerewhakaaitu at the top of your list!!!

By Olivia Schweizer

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